7 in 1 Convertible Life Style Crib by Dream on Me

Dream on Me recently launched its 7 in 1 convertible baby crib that comes with various features. It is one of the perfect baby cribs available in the market. The good thing about this product is – you can convert it into a toddler bed, full size bed or baby bed at any time. You know what- the price is also inexpensive that anyone can buy it.

The second thing you need to know about this product is- 4 Side Mattress support. You can add 4 mattresses in the crib and as the baby grows to toddler mattress can be taken out 1 by 1.


  • Multi-functional: Multi-functional cribs are becoming very popular these days because of their versatile nature. You can now have the advantage of converting your crib to a long size bed when the baby grows. This mean you don’t need to worry about making another investment to buy one more baby crib in future.
  • Safety: It is not just an affordable baby bed available in the market but also a safest one. According to Dream on Me their products meet all the safety standards and are verified with CPSC and ASTM requirements. Whether you are buying a crib for your little one or toddler baby, make sure that products is certified by the government and very well tested by the relevant authorities.
  • Size & Height: With the dimension of 53.5 x 5.2 x 34.5 inches and weight: 45 pounds. It is a nice sizable product. You can change the crib to a big size bed in future.
  • Long Lasting: Convertible cribs are usually manufactured for the long term use. And there is no doubt in the fact that- Violet 7 in 1 have achieved that purpose very well. Whenever in future you find out the time has come to change the crib to a big size toddler bed, you can do this very easily.
  • Storage: Violet 7-in-1 doesn’t really have that much storage space like: drawers and shelves. However, if you plan to make an additional purchase to buy the extra furniture to adjust with the crib, that’s possible. The extra storage allows you keep most of the stuff inside them.


  • Dream On Me is a prominent brand that makes finest affordable cribs. The convertible feature of the product is one of the many reasons why you should not ignore it.
  • Versatility doesn’t make the product complete. If it is not safe to use or build with high quality material, there is no reason to buy it. That’s why- Dream On Me has perfected the art of manufacturing premium level product that very well meets the safety standards and are certified.


  • Require More Space: Convertible cribs require more space than traditional bassinet. There must be plenty of space in the room where you keep it.
  • Time Consuming: It takes a lot of time to adjust and assemble the whole thing to make it ready to use. Such as adjusting the height of mattresses and finding the right place.

At The End

Violet 7 in 1 is a nice baby crib. The product comes with tons of advantages that you just can’t get in any other cribs in this price range. Whether you are planning to buy one for your newborn baby or you have one who is turning to a toddler. This is a best convertible cribs deal you can get for both of them.

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