Centennial Medford Lifetime 4-in-1 Crib

Centennial Medford is a subsidiary of its retired parent company Munire. It is luxury brand that builds expensive nursery bed. They are well known for their best quality baby crib and mattresses.

Medford Lifetime 4-in-1 is made with top quality wood that is not commonly available in other cribs. Currently they have many colors of baby crib like chocolate brown, grey and white. But the prices vary from as per color.

In this post, I’ll discuss in details about the pros-cons and its latest features. I will also talk about price, extra furniture and storage available with the product.


  • Multi-functional: When you pay a good price for a product in return you also expect great benefits from it.  And Centennial understand the requirements of its customer really well which is why they full fill it better than anyone in the market. The conversion of a baby bed to toddler saves lots of time, money and investment. These are few of the things that make Mefor Lifetime 4-in-1 top amongst other infant beds.
  • Safety: I always say that while buying a best baby crib do make sure that you buy a certified one. This is certified product from JPMA and ASTM. These organization are responsible for approving and testing the safety of the baby furniture particularly crib / mattress.
  • Size & Height: The height is easily adjustable as per your baby’s need. At a stage when baby is trying to come outside the crib you can reduce the number of mattress and lower its height. When it comes to size – this product has a huge size as it is a convertible crib with dimensions of: 60 x 49 x 32 inches.
  • Long Lasting: For sure Medford Lifetime 4-in-1 is somewhat an expensive product as compare to its competitor. And it does serve for a long period of time. A baby needs a peaceful and comfy place where she can have rest. Most of the brands claims to provide these benefits but they don’t last for a month. On the other hand, we have a product which can be used for over years without any wear and tear.
  • Storage: You can buy a 6-drawer set of furniture along with the Medford Crib. And attach it with the unit as per your need.


  • It is a best 4 in 1 crib set means you can simply convert it into a full size bed when the baby is turning to a toddler. Having a large size bed gives your baby good space to rest.
  • The product is designed with best quality wood and veneer plywood.


  • If you compare Centennial Medford with its competitor products it’s hugely expensive. But at the same it offers extensive benefits that’s make it unique.
  • Take large space in room to adjust.


This is a nice small baby crib set that is best for your baby to sleep and rest. You can also put some soft toys in the crib but don’t overdo it. Along with that, you can adjust the height of the mattress as per baby’s requirement.

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